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Using the ASME Student Design Competition as the Culminating Design and Build Experience in a Freshman Level CAD/CAM Course


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Padnos College of Engineering and Computing

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The culminating project in a freshman level CAD/CAM course introduces students to electromechanical and/or pneumo-mechanical systems and drivetrains. In addition, it provides a third opportunity for students to explore the design process and to complete a design and build project. Student groups participated in the ASME Student Design Competition, Energy Relay, to fulfill this requirement. Adherence to the formal design process was enforced and monitored through intermediate project submissions. The objective of learning the design process as well as completing a design and build project was achieved. As the assigned task was to design alternate energy powered cars, some teams did not take the opportunity to develop their skills in working with electromechanical systems seriously. Overall, using the ASME Student Design Competition as a basis for the freshman design experience was a success and will be repeated in future years based on the suitability of the design problem posed.

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First Year Engineering Experience

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Pittsburgh, PA

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