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Why Corporations Adopt Sustainability Initiatives: Am Empirical Study


School of Accounting


Seidman College of Business




Current theories regarding motivations for corporations to adopt environmental programs and other sustainability-related activities typically focus on three general areas. One cited motive relates to the potential economic opportunities that come with differentiating the organization through reputation, innovative products, or better processes. An ethical motivation is also discussed in the literature. Firms are addressing a responsibility to consider all stakeholders, including society and the environment. Finally, some actions are said to be efforts to comply with, or perhaps avoid, legislation. While these motives are probable explanations, few studies have attempted to empirically test them. In this paper, we propose to examine why the first firms in a given industry adopt sustainability programs and compare their motivations to later entrants.

Conference Name

National Business and Economics Society 14th Annual Conference

Conference Location

Herradura, Costa Rica

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