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Building Strategic Tutoring Partnerships: Using Professional Development Software to Form Mutually Beneficial University and P-12 School Collaborations


Special Education, Foundations and Technology


College of Education

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Strategic Tutoring (Hock, Schumaker, & Deshler, 1999) is a research-validated approach for providing one-on-one instruction during which learners master a specific learning strategy while getting assistance on immediate tasks. Software for delivering training in the model has been developed, field-tested, and shown to be effective with teachers, para-professionals, and volunteer tutors (Lancaster & Lancaster, 2006). Recently, College of Education faculty at a Midwestern university have used the software to prepare pre-admittance education candidates to tutor students in local schools. Thus, discussion in this roundtable will focus on the components of the Strategic Tutoring software and how it was used in a pre-admission college of education clinical course to provide training to students. Additionally, presenters will discuss methods for collecting efficacy data on the experience and initial findings.

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Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education 2013 Conference

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New Orleans, LA

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