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Cognitive Fit and User Schemas: An Expanded Model for Problem Solving


School of Accounting


Seidman College of Business

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Cognitive fit, a correspondence between task and information presentation formats, is well established as a model for problem solving behavior. Prior research studies recognize that problem-solving behavior also depends on the user and have included user variables such as experience and skill. The current study proposes cognitive fit as a three-way match between a user schema (knowledge structure), the problem representation, and the task to be performed. A laboratory experiment was conducted to test hypotheses encompassing the original and expanded cognitive fit models for problem solving. Results of statistical tests confirm that original cognitive fit is associated with enhanced performance compared to non-cognitive fit conditions. Results further reveal that the proposed expanded cognitive fit model with a three-way match is associated with better performance compared to the original cognitive fit model.

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Sig-ASYS Pre-ICIS Workshop

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Orlando, Florida, USA

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