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I will travel to Grumo, Italy to be Concert Manager and Conductor of the Binetto-Grumo Festival Orchestra (BGFO). The festival will have over70 international participants though it is only in its 4th year. This music festival was founded by our colleague GVSU pianist Giuseppe Lupis. I will conduct 4 concerts and manage those and two others, in 6 different venues. This requires a terrific amount of planning and musical skill (knowledge of repertoire, musicianship) coupled with persistence and flexibility. Many players in the BGFO are professional players/University professors. Others are students from Italy and from the US who will work with and perform next to our artist/faculty members. Please go to the festival web page at http://www.grumofestival.com/index1.html for some more information. I have decided on the programs for the concerts, which will feature the Kingston University Singers (We are working to establish a relationship with that university), and there will be a performance in Bari, the program of which I have aligned with a course in Italian film being taught at Bari University. Please consider supporting me in this effort. I look forward to conducting an orchestra of a professional level which also serves an important educational purpose. Thank you. Lee Copenhaver

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Grumo Music Festival

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Grumo, Italy

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