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Multidentate carbamoylmethyl phosphine oxides (CMPO's) as chelating agents for lanthanides and actinides


Chemistry Department


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Medicine and Health Sciences | Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Chelating agents are a crucial ingredient in both nuclear waste remediation and medical imaging. Both of these applications involve the complexation of various f-elements. Our goal is to utilize a type of chelating agent, carbamoylmethylphospine oxides (CMPO), which are currently used to sequester transuranic elements in the treatment of nuclear waste (the TRUEX process). The research presented in this poster will focus on the synthesis of multidentate ligands bearing three CMPO groups. Our synthetic strategy involves the linking of the CMPO with a triamino cap. We will also include preliminary computational data regarding the structure and relative stability of the resultant metal-ligand complexes.

Conference Name

245th ACS National Meeting and Exposition

Conference Location

New Orleans, LA

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