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Community Transformation through Place-Based Scholarships


Political Science


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Scholarship programs, even those available to every graduate of a school district, have only a limited impact on college access and completion. Critical to the success of students is the creation of a college-going culture in the K-12 system and the involvement of the broader community in support of this culture. This lesson is being learned in Michigan, home to two of the nation's most innovative approaches to expanding college access: The Kalamazoo Promise, which pioneered the universal, place-based scholarship approach, and Promise Zones, a creative public-private financing structure that will help 10 other low-income communities replicate this model. In this session, the architects of these programs will explain how they are serving as catalysts for community change. From this discussion, participants will derive and determine best practices for developing universal, place-based scholarship programs and pursuing the community alignment that is essential for their success.

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Forum 2010

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Washington, DC

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