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This poster will present several examples of PER-tested assessment techniques incorporated into Intermediate Mechanics Tutorials (IMT), a suite of instructional materials that itself has been modeled after published materials such as Tutorials in Introductory Physics by McDermott, Shaffer, et al., (Prentice-Hall, 2002) and Activity-Based Tutorials by Wittmann, Steinberg, and Redish (Wiley, 2004). Much like their introductory-level counterparts, the IMT pre- and post-tutorial assessments consist of written explain your reasoning tasks designed to probe for persistent conceptual and reasoning difficulties. In addition, the in-class IMT worksheets include instructor checkpoints for formative student feedback. This poster will provide evidence supporting the appropriateness and effectiveness of such assessment techniques in intermediate mechanics. Also to be discussed are selected adaptations of these methods that have been developed by pilot-testers of IMT materials as well as the author of this poster.

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Physics Education Research Conference 2011

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Omaha, NE