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Service learning programs seek to engage students in projects that will benefit service recipients as well as maximize student learning through activities that inform future professional behaviors and responsibilities. This presentation offers a model for conducting responsible interdisciplinary service learning research that engages and integrates faculty and students across disciplines from initial conceptualization through completion of the study. The model derives in part from a community-based research project that involved over 70 social work and criminal justice faculty and students in studying the lives and needs of poor and homeless clients receiving services from an urban faith-based work program. This poster presentation provides a hierarchical interdisciplinary research model that integrates both existing research methods curricula and study-specific workshops, and shares materials and practices related to initiation and implementation of the study: collaboration with community and university stakeholders, student participation in research proposal development, invitation to and coordination of faculty colleagues, solicitation and training of student researchers, and deployment and supervision of field methods.

Conference Name

12th Annual National Outreach Scholarship Conference

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East Lansing, MI