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Is Technology More Effective for Developing Competence for Evaluation of Fundamental Motor Skill?


Movement Science


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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According to the Beginning Physical Education Teacher Standards (NASPE, 2008), physical educators must utilize assessment and reflection to foster learning and inform instructional decisions. Assessment tools are typically taught in the abstract. The goal of this study is to integrate a series of screencast activities as an innovative method to teach observation and assessment techniques and compare the effectiveness of this method to the current process of using textbook illustrations. .. It is expected that by incorporating screencasts as a method of learning criteria for motor skills, students become more proficient in assessing skilled movement than by use of textbook. Data will be collected during Fall 2011. The proposal seeks to determine: 1. Assessment skill development of pre-service teachers: The effectiveness of screencasts compared to textbook methods to implement motor skill evaluation. 2. Self- Efficacy of Motor Skill evaluation: Pre-service physical educators' perception of confidence of implementation of TGMC II as well as interest when incorporating a technological innovation.

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Hawaii International Conference on Education HICE

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Honolulu, HI

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