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Calling All Citizens! Understanding the Value and Need for a Substantive Civic Education


Political Science


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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American government courses often serve to fulfill general education requirements at institutions of higher education. Research shows that the public at large has a poor historical and working knowledge of American government and politics. When scholars examine the extent of civil knowledge acquired by college graduates, studies show that there are minimal gains. This research is both a condemnation and justification for the relevance and importance of American government as a general education requirement. It is a condemnation because the research indicates that we are failing to make an impact on our students. It is a justification for the relevance of political science because as the general public grows increasingly disillusioned with Washington and their policy responses to 21st century issues they will need a basic civic education to understand the workings of Washington and how they, as citizens, can demand real changes in politics and policy.

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APSA Teaching and Learning Conference

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Washington, D.C.

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