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Model Curriculum "Wiki" Birds of a Feather Panel Session


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Padnos College of Engineering and Computing

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Objectives The purpose of this informal discussion is to promote involvement in our curriculum wiki. In ISECON 2010 faculty generated substantial panels, papers, and discussion regarding the ACM/AIS IS 2010: Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Information Systems. Model curricula are of considerable interest to educators in the computing fields for developing ideas and discussion concerning curricula development. In recent years, collaborative tools for collective authorship of content and ideas have risen to prominence with tools such as discussion forums and Wikis. A tool for collective idea generation, such as a Wiki, allows IS educators to conduct an ongoing conversation on the IS Curriculum as it evolves. ISECON group seeks to involve the entire IS educators community in this discussion. As such, we have created a Wiki to facilitate our discussion. Outcomes The ACM/AIS IS 2010 Model Curriculum is a springboard for this discussion. As this Wiki develops, we want the full IS community to become authors and develop this knowledge repository based on areas of interests and around communities of practice. Naturally, there are controls for trustworthiness and security with any open-authored wiki, Wikipedia.org has proven that such a community-authored and community-edited knowledge repository can exist. We are looking for volunteers to help build content in this wiki.

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Wilmington, NC

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