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To Kit or Not to Kit? Analyzing, Implementing, and Evaluating Science Materials and Resources


Leadership and Learning


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This session aligns with our recently accepted Science and Children article on the same topic. Textbook companies and kit developers are eager to meet the demand for NGSS-aligned teaching materials, but it can be challenging to decide whether to adopt packaged programs/kits, create original science units, or combine both approaches. This presentation will present tools that can be used when evaluating materials, both before and after implementation. Our goal is to help participants make thoughtful, informed decisions by engaging in active inquiry and evaluation. We will engage participants by having them use their cell phones to respond to 2 questions on a Poll Everyone survey. We will ask participants to rank where they are in the curriculum review process: evaluating current materials, analyzing or piloting commercial materials, developing new materials or implementing newly adopted/developed materials. We will also ask them to share their questions and concerns with the process. We will present: 1. An overview of NGSS practices 2. Issues inherent in the materials selection process. We will share a selection criteria rubric we have developed. 3. Assessing effectiveness of materials during the piloting or implementation phase through an action research protocol we developed for evaluating science materials. Note: Jacque and I are presenting twice; the second presentation is entitled: Differentiating Science Practices.

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NSTA Area Conference on Science Education

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Richmond, VA

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