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From Somewhere Else: Transnational Communities and Media


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Title: From Somewhere Else: Transnational Communities and Media By: Vandana Pednekar-Magal & Keith Oppenheim The documentary takes a closer look at the use of media and communication technologies among transnational communities in a city Grand Rapids. Transnational/diasporic communities use communication technologies for a plethora of cultural, economic and political activities and create networked spaces that connect the local with the global. These activities constitute the micro-processes of globalization and create transnational spaces in which so-called national identities are reconstituted or hybridized. Networked spaces alter transnational life in the city and temper the defined or imagined unified local culture. The film is based on: 1. In-depth interviews with individuals, families in the following communities: Bosnian, Chinese, Indian, Latin American, and Vietnamese (we have to still complete interview with an African family). 2. Footage of their diasporic (AKA ethnic media), social spaces that have a transnational character places of worship, grocery stores, cultural festival. 3. Expert interviews: Arjun Appadurai (Professor of Media, Culture Society NYU, anthropologist and author of several books on Globalization; Karim.H. Karim (Professor of Media and Culture, Carlton University, Canada, author of several articles books on diasporic media; Martha Gonsalves, Director, Grand Rapids Hispanic Center; Jerry Johnson Director, Community Research Institute, GVSU).

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AEJMC (Association for Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication)

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Montreal, Canada

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