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Boris Pasternak’s Translations of Shakespeare’s Plays in Criticism


Area Studies


Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies

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Arts and Humanities


After translating Macbeth, Boris Pasternak wrote in 1951 that the longevity of his translations of Shakespeare’s plays (eight in total) would be between 30 and 50 years. Today we can definitely say that Pasternak’s translations have exceeded his expectations. His rendition of Hamlet is as popular among Russian theaters and publishers as it was during his lifetime. Furthermore, it has not been eclipsed by any subsequent Russian renditions of the play. Despite all that, the critic’s opinions of Pasternak’s translations have always been conflicting, ranging from admiration to disapproval. This study identifies patterns, similarities, and differences in the criticism of Pasternak’s translations of Shakespeare’s plays.

Conference Name

2015 Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters Annual Conference

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Berrien Springs, Michigan

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