Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants


The Experiences of Women of Color in WGSS Graduate Programs: An Open Discussion


Liberal Studies Department


Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies


Social and Behavioral Sciences


Last year, The Ohio State Universitys Department of Womens, Gender, and Sexuality Studies began to discuss recruiting and retaining women of color in WGSS programs across the United States. This roundtable continues the conversation with junior faculty and graduate students of color and their allies, who will discuss their strategies to negotiate what it means to be women of color in WGSS departments/programs and how to effectively support women of color as colleagues/peers. While the experiences of women of color in the professoriate continue to proliferate, the voices of their successors in graduate school are unheard. Yet, these womens voices must be located within a broader discussion of the intersection of gender, race, and sexuality in the academy. By centering the lived realities of this current generation of scholars, this roundtable will examine the success and failures to sustain a commitment to diversity and inclusivity throughout the graduate school experience. They will discuss their research interests, effective mentoring strategies, and offer advice about how to better support women of color. In addition, the roundtable invites other women of color junior faculty and graduate students to share best practices for departments, programs, and allies to retain students of color. The roundtable also encourages WGSS departments to share their strategies to engage and support students of color.

Conference Name

National Women's Studies Association Annual Conference

Conference Location

San Juan, Puerto Rico

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