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Laser Scribed Graphene for Energy Storage Application


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Padnos College of Engineering and Computing

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Due to its unique mechanical and electrical properties, the 2D carbon, graphene, has gained tremendous attention since its discovery by Andrew K. Geim and Konstantin S. Novoselov in 2004 [1]. Several methods have been developed to produce graphene, among which are mechanical exfoliation, chemical exfoliation, and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) [2]. Mechanical exfoliation is simple, inexpensive and produces pristine graphene layers; however, it is difficult to achieve large-area graphene layers [3]. CVD is able to obtain large sheets of graphene; however, the process can be complicated and costly, involving expensive processing equipment [4]. Efforts have been made to explore ways of producing large-area graphene cost effectively. Graphene layers reduced from graphene oxide are ideal candidates for devices like supercapacitors, solar cells, and light emitting diodes. Different methods have been explored to produce reduced graphene oxide (rGO). They include hydrazine hydrate reduction, hydrogen plasma reduction, light reduction, and thermal reduction. Chemical reduction is proved to be a scalable method, however the rGO created from this method has poor yields of surface area an electric conductivity. El-Kady and Kaner at UCLA have used a commercial CD/DVD optical drive to reduce graphene oxide and fabricated a low cost graphene-based supercapacitor [5]. Even though the method is simple and has great potential, it was found that it is difficult to produce continuous and uniform graphene sheets. In this paper, problems associated with graphene made from commercial CD/DVD burners are reported and an alternate technique using a laser engraver is explored to create laser scribed graphene (LSG), which is used to fabricate high energy density supercapacitors.

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The 20th Optoelectronics and Communications Conference

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Shanghai, China

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