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Evidence of a Robust Administrative/Leadership DNP Program to Impact Health, Care and Cost


Kirkhof College of Nursing


Kirkhof College of Nursing

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Medicine and Health Sciences


The DNP prepared nurse, educated with an emphasis in Nursing Administration and Healthcare Systems (Administrative DNP), is poised to transform healthcare delivery through comprehensive organizational assessment, understanding of implementation science and the value of frontline leadership. The complexity of rapidly changing healthcare systems requires collaboration at all levels of the organization to promote sustainability of proposed change. A collaborative effort of Administrative DNP and PhD prepared nurses provides the framework for impacting health, care and cost. Key strategies of organizational assessment guide program development, implementation, and evaluation. Completion of a thorough organizational assessment provides a comprehensive infrastructure for program change or innovation diffusion. A PhD prepared nurse scientist contributes necessary depth in complex research methods. The DNP is practice focused, utilizing practice inquiry to target specific populations, systems, and policy environments. The expertise of both the PhD and DNP degree creates a strong partnership to translate evidence-based knowledge at the point of care. Further collaboration with Interprofessional colleagues, including key stakeholders and frontline leadership, promotes sustainable solutions for healthcare innovation. Utilizing the DNP essentials as a guide, three scholarly projects were conducted in various healthcare settings. Projects included: improved health through targeting breastfeeding outcomes in a rural community; improved care through program evaluation of a standardized curriculum; and improved cost related to the development of critical thinking skills in new graduate nurses. Regardless of the population, setting, or type of program, the Administrative DNP is equipped with the skills necessary to design and implement sustainable innovations. Nurse leaders with terminal degrees in administrative and systems leadership will be vital partners in the future of healthcare transformation.

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7th National Doctors of Nursing Practice Conference: The DNP in Practice: The Health, the Care, and the Cost

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Nashville, TN, United States

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