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Distilling and Simplifying Narratives of Experimental Research for Discussion with Beginning Students


Psychology Department


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


Psychological science includes not only the theoretical frameworks and empirical findings of the discipline, but also the research methods through which the science develops. Those methods, both formal and informal, provide a structure for teaching analytic thinking, problem solving, and critical thinking. They are also difficult to teach in an engaging fashion, particularly to beginning students. Students in introductory psychology typically lack the conceptual grounding and statistical background necessary for the kind of analytic discussion of research studies that is common in graduate-level training. Such critical analysis is nevertheless possible if studies are presented and discussed in a narrative fashion that frames them clearly as a form of problem solving. This paper presents strategies for using this problem-solving narrative approach, illustrating the approach with an example appropriate for students in an introductory psychology course.

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World Association for Case Method Research and Application

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Istanbul, Turkey

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