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Documenting Proficiency: A Discussion of Standards Based Grading in Math Courses for Future Teachers


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Physical Sciences and Mathematics


Program Description: Elementary teachers have been using SBG for years. What are they learning about their students that a points-based system would miss? Why might we use this in teacher preparation courses? Share your ideas and learn from others' experiences with SBG. Additional Information from Conference Proposal: The presenters have adopted standards based grading (SBG) in their university courses; the proposed session will focus on their use of SBG in math courses for future elementary teachers. A standards based grading system refers to an assessment system in which learners achievement is recorded and reported by learning target (standard) rather than an aggregate of scores on individual assignments. Where a traditional assessment system tends to focus on the accumulation of points or on achieving a satisfactory weighted average across a collection of assessment tasks, SBG focuses on monitoring the trajectory of a students progress toward mastery of essential learning targets. Unlike traditional grades, which tend to obscure what students actually know (Meyer, 2007), a standards-based grade report shows clearly what a student has learned and yields information that can be used to inform decisions about what the student is ready for next (Guskey & Jung, 2006).

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Annual Conference

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Orlando, FL

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