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A snake wiggle of reaction time functions to indicate holistic perception


Psychology Department


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


We analyzed the underlying fundamental processes engaged in forming holistic perceptual representations. The subjects participated in a face categorization task over multiple sessions. We applied the systems factorial technology (SFT) to analyze the properties of the observed response time (RT) distributions. The key statistic was a survivor interaction contrast function (SIC). Over the course of extensive practice, the observed SICs exhibited a specific pattern of shape transformations that could be described as a "snake wiggle". The observed SIC signature indicated that the processing mechanism behind holistic perception relies on strong positive facilitation between feature detectors, within the parallel mental network. The converging evidence is provided by the additional qualitative RT test (Fific, Little & Nosofsky, 2010).

Conference Name

37th Euorpian Conference on Visual Perception

Conference Location

Belgrade, Serbia

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