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Tracing Wang Jingwei's Road to Puppet Regime


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Title: Tracing Wang Jingweis Road to Puppet Regime Patrick Fuliang Shan, Grand Valley State University (shanp@gvsu.edu) Abstract: this paper investigates one of the important pages of wartime politics as it focuses on Wang Jingweis defection from Chongqing in late 1938 to collaborate with Japanese invaders. The event reveals Wangs dramatic change from a prominent Nationalist leader to be a leader of the puppet regime. As one of the founders of the Nationalist Party, Wang shocked the entire world as he fled from the wartime capital Chongqing and went to Shanghai and then Nanjing to establish a puppet government. Needless to say, this has been a controversial topic to assess; nevertheless, this paper provides some new material along with some in-depth remarks on wartime politics and also probes recent scholarly interpretations on Wangs defection.

Conference Name

The International Conference on Chinese Studies

Conference Location

Louisville, Kentucky

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