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Best Practices in Event Services


Hospitality & Tourism Management Department


College of Community and Public Service

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I will co-facilitate (along with Julie Pingston, ESPA President-elect) a conference session entitled Best Practices in Event Services intended to identify current best practices today in event services. This session will group members (approximately sample size of 300 attendees) at tables by CVBs and facilities. For twenty minutes, each table will determine the best practices for event service professionals by a topic assigned to their table e.g., best practices in attendance building or best practices in risk management. The group will then determine the top three choices for their tables topic. My co-facilitator and I will then call for reports from each table for their top choices which will be briefly discussed as a group. The dissemination/takeaway will be compiling all the information after the conference to create an article which will be submitted for publication

Conference Name

Event Service Professionals Association (ESPA) 2014 Annual Conference

Conference Location

Boston, MA

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