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El dialogo historico-milagroso: La funcion de la voz del histor en las Cantigas de Santa Maria [Historic-Miraculous Dialogue: The Function of the voice of the Histor in the Cantigas de Santa Maria]


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This paper examines the narrator persona's role as histor in the Cantigas de Santa Maria produced under the patronage of Alfono X the Wise (1221-1284), a collection of over 400 miracle tales that are testimony to the presence and intervention of Holy Mary in the lives of men and women, from the most lowly members of society to the King and his family. This study adapts the typology of the four projections of the narrator persona developed by Suzanne Fleischmann in Tense and Narrativity, focusing on the orientation of the narrator as historian, or histor. The histor is the projection of the narrator persona who reconciles the historical events narrated in the Cantigas with their miraculous content. It is the projection or focalization of the narrator that validates the miracle for its reception to the listening or reading public. As will be shown, the voice of the histor lends a credibility that reinforces both the spiritual and the social-political messages of King Alfonso.

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XVII Congreso AIH Roma

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Rome, Italy

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