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What is BARD-TO-GO? The Grand Valley Shakespeare Festivals BARD-TO-GO is a 50-minute collage Shakespearean scenes based on universal themes such as love, magic, and friendship. The company is comprised of six Grand Valley State University student actors and a student stage manager who tour West Michigan secondary schools in the late Fall of each year as part of The Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival. BARD-TO-GO is a feature of the Festival, and since its 2001 inception BARD-TO-GO has given over 10,000 students throughout Michigan an opportunity to experience Shakespeares plays. In the summer of 2005, an international component was added the BARD-TO-GO Company traveled to Kingston, Jamaica, as a guest of Edna Manley College, and played to over 900 secondary students and other audience members throughout Jamaica. In May of 2008, BARD-TO-GO embarked on a ten-day visit to Shanghai and East China Normal University in order to promote a cultural and educational dialogue in the theatre area. BARD-TO-GO has since been featured in Nassau, The Bahamas, at the Shakespeare in Paradise Festival; in Halifax, Nova Scotia, at the Liverpool International Theatre Festival, and in 2009 BARD-T0-Go received the Best in FestivalAward at the Sapperlot Youth Theatre Festival in Brixen, Italy. In 2014, Bard to Go will be presented and directed in Prague, within the prestigious Prague Shakespeare Festival, where it has been invited. I will also be representing Grand Valley State University while presenting workshops on Shakespeare and Movement for Actors.

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Envisioning the Practice: International Symposium on Performing Arts Curation

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