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Program of Study-Web Design and Open Badges for Engagement and Retention


School of Computing and Information Systems


Padnos College of Engineering and Computing

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Since 2009, over thirty five occupational programs have followed a developmental process that resulted in a Program of Study as directed by the State of Michigan. The second year of the Program of Study development process involves continued data analysis and research and sharing the Program of Study results internally and externally. The Web Design program of study from the High School level to Higher Education level is the subject of this research. While degrees do convey information about peoples skills, they often tend to be abstracted from the actual learning that has occurred. Two people with the same degree may have taken very different learning pathways or developed different skills. Many people without a formal degree possess a vast set of job-relevant skills. Electronic Badges, specifically Mozilla Open Badges, help by providing a more complete picture, recognizing a more granular set of skills.

Conference Name

Trends in Occupational Studies Conference

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Traverse City, MI

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