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Agricultural production and trade in the former USSR countries in the context of climate change scenarios


Geography & Planning Department


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Social and Behavioral Sciences


Global and regional climate modeling scenarios indicate that agricultural potential of Russia and other countries of Central Eurasia is likely to change very significantly due to a combination of projected winter temperature increase, extension of the growing season, increasing heat stress and frequency of summer droughts, as well carbon dioxide fertilization effect on crops. Some geographic regions and countries of the former USSR may benefit from climate change, while others may suffer severe declines of crop yields. Production and exports of grain, oilseed, and other agricultural commodities have been growing very rapidly in this region as a result of combination changing agricultural policies and favorable weather conditions of the past 10-12 years. This paper analyses the recent climatic trends and scenarios, as well economic and institutional trends in the FSU countries region. Vulnerability of agro-ecological systems and possible adaptation strategies are discussed under several climate and development scenarios.

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AAG Annual Meeting

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Tampa, FL

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