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Margins (Re)Defining the Nation: Ambivalence in Canada's Multicultural Canon


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Arts and Humanities


Please find below the abstract for the panel upon which I will present for the NeMLA 2014 Convention: "This panel explores the unique issues confronting scholars of Canadian multiethnic literature. The Canadian brand is that of a multicultural democracy that works, one that is inclusive and free of the hostilities plaguing other multicultural societies. Nevertheless, Canada is no utopia; racism and xenophobia, among other prejudices, persist within its borders. What strategies do authors use to balance Canadas image as an all-welcoming space against the negative experiences of marginalized people inside the nation? How do Canadian writers negotiate the nations rhetoric of Multiculturalism while simultaneously filling in the gaps in the big H historical narrative of the nation? Texts that draw on the experiences of the First Nations, African Canadian, Asian Canadian, LGBTQ, and women, for example, address these issues in different ways. Papers focusing on examples of Canadian authors who manage the balance well, as well as those who do not, are encouraged. Papers addressing the ambivalent role of scholars who are somewhat invested in Canada as differentfrom other nations, but who also seek to challenge the assumptions on which that difference relies, too, are welcome. Please send 300-500 word abstracts and brief biographical statements to Sherry Johnson at johnsshe@gsvu.edu."

Conference Name

NeMLA 2014 Convention

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Harrisburg, PA

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