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Getting The Most out of Attending the AAHPERD National Convention


Movement Science Department


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Date Range



Life Sciences


Objectives: " To understand the importance of being a member of AAHPERD and attending the National Conference and Expo. This session will provide Physical Education Teacher Education, PETE, students information about why it is important to be a member of AAHPERD and attend the National Convention & Expo. The presenters will present information about the benefits of being apart of a national association and their personal experiences as first year attendees. The presenters will go into detail about the knowledge and opportunities that they have gained through these experiences. One of the points that will be stressed is to gain knowledge about new ideas and techniques at sessions such as the NASPE Teachers of the Year. The purpose of this session is for attendees to understand how important it is to play an active role in our field. Being aware of how to access current information about physical education and promote being a life long learner. It is crucial to gain knowledge about new information and techniques to help their future student be successful. By the end of this session the attendees will know how to take advantage of this opportunity through networking and being involved in the physical education community.

Conference Name

American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

Conference Location

St. Louis, MO

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