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Sorting Out Multiple Soybean Orthologs Of SLEEPY-1




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Bioactive gibberillic acid (GA) signaling is critical for multiple developmental processes throughout the life cycle of plants. Elements involved in the GA response pathway in Arabidopsis have been identified and studied. Sleepy 1 (SLY1) is a F-Box protein that acts as a positive regulator of GA signaling in Arabidopsis. SLY1 is up regulated in response to an increase in bioactive GA and functions to degrade inhibitors, like RGA and GAI in GA signaling. Two putative SLY1 orthologs have been identified in soybean. While both putative orthologs contain an F-Box motif as well as several other domains common to the Arabidopsis SLY1 protein, it has not been determined whether these orthologs fulfill the same function as SLY1. Studies in Arabidopsis suggest that the GA treatment increases SLY1 activity while paclobutrazol (an inhibitor of GA biosynthesis) treatment decreases SLY1 activity. We subjected soybean seedlings with both treatments. Using qPCR, we are determining if these treatments have similar affects on the expression of either soybean putative ortholog. We¿ve also transformed both genes into Arabidopsis sly1 mutant to rescue the phenotype in order to understand the role of SLY1 in soybean.

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American Society of Plant Biologists Annual Conference

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Montreal, Canada

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