Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants


Pressure and Shear Force: Evidence Based Solutions for Identification and Prevention


Physical Therapy


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Medicine and Health Sciences


Presenters will describe and discuss the common causes of pressure ulcers along with strategies to prevent them. Additionally, the updated National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel's stages of pressure ulcers will be reviewed. The use of a 24 hour positioning plan will be described as a potential method of pressure ulcer prevention and pressure management support surfaces will be reviewed. The evidence regarding recently developed methods to identify and prevent sheer forces that can cause skin breakdown will also be reviewed. Through the use of wound models, pressure mapping technology and a review of recent research, we will discuss methods of identifying the causes, avoiding problematic positions, and thus preventing pressure ulcers before they develop.

Conference Name

Combined Sections Meeting

Conference Location

Las Vegas, Nevada

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