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An examination of emotion regulation and alcohol use as risk factors for female perpetrated dating violence


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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


Dating violence is a serious problem among college students. Research indicates that females perpetrate as much, if not more, psychological and physical aggression against their dating partners relative to males (Shorey, Cornelius, & Bell, 2008). Unfortunately, there is considerably less research on risk factors for female perpetrated dating violence, hindering efforts to prevent violence in their relationships. There exists an empirical and theoretical link between emotion regulation and alcohol use, such that poor emotion regulation may lead to increased alcohol use. Unfortunately, research has yet to examine whether alcohol use mediates the relation between emotion regulation and dating violence perpetration. Given the high rates of female perpetrated physical and psychological aggression, the variety of risk factors that may play a role in female dating violence perpetration, and the potentially devastating consequences for male victims, it is important that research examine risk factors for female perpetration of dating violence. The current study extends previous research by examining two potential risk factors together for female perpetrated dating violence, namely emotion regulation and alcohol use.

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Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies Annual Conference

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Nashville, TN

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