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Exploring African-American Women's Perspectives towards and Experiences with Educational and Communications Technologies


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This is a qualitative case study conducted to explore African-American women professionals' perspectives towards and experiences with educational and communications technologies (ECT). Unlike more traditional case studies, the "case" under examination here is not physically bound to a specific geographic locale; instead, it is bounded in its specific focus on investigating the impact of ECT on the lives of college-educated African-American women professionals. It specifically seeks to describe the role of ECT in the process by which these women proactively formulate their unique self-identities, reflecting a theoretical perspective inspired by the culture-based models proposed by noted educational sociologists Paul Willis and Henry Giroux. The proposed study follows an established personal interview-based methodology successfully employed by the author in previously published studies focusing on other demographics. This study holds much potential value in that it focuses on a demographic that has received remarkably little scholarly attention within the field of educational technology (ET).

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2010 AECT International Convention

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Anaheim, CA

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