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Building Resiliency and Therapeutic Recreation: A Natural Fit


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Medicine and Health Sciences


Factors that promote resiliency in people are often inherent in therapeutic recreation interventions. By recognizing these factors, practitioners can be more thoughtful in intervention approaches to consciously build resiliency in their clients. There are eight protective factors that can be used to build resiliency. Therapeutic recreation, by nature of its scope of practice often utilize these protective factors in programming individual and group interventions. The same is true for the seven individual factors that needed in order to build resiliency. These individual factors are often identified by practicitioners as areas needed for successful integration into the community with a disabling condition. Builidng resiliency within therapeutic recreation programming can be done across all clientel age groups as well as with the survivors or caregivers of persons with special needs Implications for therapeutic recreation practice can be identified across all service areas: treatment, leisure education and community reintegration

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American Therapeutic Recreation Association Annual Conference

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Pittsburg, PA

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