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Students Stereotypes of IS Professionals and the Influence of the Introductory IS Course


Management Department


Seidman College of Business

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Over the last decade, declining enrollments in Information Systems (IS) discipline has been a major concern for the IS community. Literature suggests that one plausible explanation for the decline in enrollments is the negative stereotypical image students hold about IS professionals. It has also been emphasized that the introductory IS course plays a significant role in busting prevailing myths about the IS profession and in attracting larger pools of students to the discipline. Therefore, the purpose of this study was twofold: (a) to understand student’s perceptions of IS professionals; and (b) to investigate the role the introductory IS course plays in shaping students image of IS professionals. The study’s findings have important implication for IS programs, as the information gained in this study facilitates a deeper understanding of IS stereotypes and confirms the important influence of the introductory IS course on how students view the IS field.

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Americas Conference on Information Systems

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Chicago, Illinois

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