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University-based EMC Precompliance Center and its Impact on the EMC Education


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Padnos College of Engineering and Computing

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This paper describes the newly-developed Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Center at Grand Valley State University (GVSU). The EMC Center provides two types of services: EMC education and EMC precompliance testing. EMC education at GVSU serves two different populations: the university-enrolled students and the local EMC professionals. For the GVSU students, four semester-long junior-, senior-, and graduate-level courses are available. For the local EMC practitioners, four short courses spanning the EMC theory and application are offered. In addition to the EMC courses, the EMC Center supports senior and graduate projects, and in the near future will provide internship for GVSU students. For the local industry, the EMC Center offers EMC precompliance testing and design support. Additionally, the EMC Center hosts regular meeting of the newly-established IEEE EMC Chapter of West Michigan. Many tests performed at the EMC Center find their way into the EMC course content, laboratory exercises and demonstrations for the GVSU students. Several course design projects are tested at the EMC Center providing the students with the exposure to the current EMC regulations, testing equipment and procedures.

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ASEE Illinois-Indiana Section Conference

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Terre Haute, IN

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