Session Location

Grand Valley State University, Eberhard Center, EC 410

Session Start Date and Time

21-8-2013 10:45 AM

Session End Date and Time

21-8-2013 11:45 AM

Session Description

Second semester baccalaureate nursing students were randomized into two groups. Identical content curriculum was delivered in two methodically different pedagogies: the flipped classroom and the traditional lecture-driven format. The intent was to transform the position of the teacher from simply dispensing facts into guiding knowledge acquisition. Quantitative and qualitative assessments of these different approaches were synthesized. In this session, the instructors will share their findings, describe experiences with flipping the classroom and provide examples of the ways in which courses were transformed.


Aug 21st, 10:45 AM Aug 21st, 11:45 AM

Session 06 - Randomizing Nursing Students into a Flipped Experience

Grand Valley State University, Eberhard Center, EC 410