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Education-Literacy Studies: Reading (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Elizabeth Petroelje Stolle

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Research has shown that reading motivation has a significant impact on the academic achievement of students in elementary school and beyond. This project explores the importance of reading motivation and the factors that influence it in elementary aged students. Students need access, choice, and challenge in their reading materials to be engaged and experience success in reading, which in turn leads to increased motivation. Additionally, families play a major role in influencing a student’s reading experiences. Consequently, family literacy is a key aspect that impacts student motivation. Educators must utilize students’ families by creating on-going, strong partnerships that celebrate literacy practices. An effective partnership between educators and families involves opportunities for families to learn literacy practices that can enhance student motivation and growth. Through family literacy nights, educators are able to foster reading motivation in students and maintain strong relationships with families. This project proposes that schools host regular literacy nights that provide students and families with specific literacy activities that can be used at home.