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Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Reginald Blockett

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Greek Life organizations were established on the values of friendship, philanthropy, and academic excellence. The way that Greek life has developed, no long exemplifies those values. In recent years, Greek Life has come to the forefront of public attention tragedies like hazing, sexual assault, binge drinking, and student death. In addition, these are the events and qualities that people think of when they think of Greek life. This project explores Geek life culture by analyzing literature on the students who join Greek life, the environment they interact with, and the outcomes that those produce. After identifying those cultural issues within Greek life, this project will explain how Restorative Justice can help repair the harm that has been caused by these issues identified. In addition, it will explain how practitioners can start to support Greek life leaders and stakeholders in implementing the principles of restorative justice into their practices and procedures.