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Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Catherine L. Meyer-Looze

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The passing of NCLB and ESSA creates a mandate that every school must take proactive steps toward every student in their population to be college and career ready. U.S. students are consistently scoring lower on achievement than students from other developed nations. With diversifying student demographics and a relatively stable teaching demographic, schools needed to develop systems to help each student be successful. Many schools have begun to utilize a tiered system of support; however, schools are focused on different aspects of intervention. Effective models of student support include developing a quality school environment, social and emotional learning, response-to-intervention, and check-in-check-out programs. Schools developing student intervention systems can implement portions of such systems into a more comprehensive multi-tiered system of support. This casts a wider net regarding Tier-1 interventions, and provides a method of implementing a Tier-2 check-in-check-out program.