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Education-Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Cathy Meyer-Looze

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Early College Programs (ECP) seek to increase the college pipeline for traditionally underrepresented students in a postsecondary environment: first-generation college students, minorities, and low-income families. While these programs have seen significant success and grown rapidly across the United States, some students are still not accessing an ECP due to real or perceived barriers. Some of these barriers include stereotype threat, academic resiliency, knowledge about higher education, academic achievement, and navigating the transition from a K12 environment to a postsecondary environment. This proposed project seeks to design a coaching curriculum similar to the success of a summer bridge program (Duncheon, 2020) to assist targeted students who previously were not accepted or conditionally accepted to an ECP to implement strategies and skills necessary to succeed in a postsecondary environment and gaining entrance into an ECP.