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Education-Literacy Studies: Reading (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Nancy DeFrance

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Research has revealed that students’ reading comprehension success is a direct reflection on teachers’ knowledge of the content and level of comfort with instruction. Teachers play an important role in facilitating and managing meaningful interactions with a text amongst students. This project explores factors that contribute to reading comprehension. The main factor acknowledged in this project is the varied levels of teacher knowledge and instructional practices in reading. Consistency in instructional practices within a school matters. With that, this project highlights the importance of implementation of a reading approach, text based discussion, that entails many opportunities for collaborative learning. This project is created to support teachers in their reading comprehension instruction through a series of professional learning opportunities. The professional learning framework will offer teachers baseline knowledge of what constitutes productive text based discussions. Teachers will have time to plan for instruction with support and guidance from the facilitator and other participants. To add to the collaborative learning community that the professional development will establish, teachers will have time to share and reflect on their learning, practice, and implementation of text based discussions.

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