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Education-Instruction and Curriculum: Secondary Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Dr. Sherie Klee

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This project examines culturally responsive teaching in the art education classroom. As diversity in student populations increase in art rooms all across the United States, there is a lack of diversity in the teaching workforce-which remains predominately White and female (Lee, 2012). In order to bridge the overwhelming demographic divide to meet the needs of all students, art teachers must become better positioned to work in increasingly diverse school populations and create meaningful connections to student’s experiences. In order to achieve this goal, art teachers must become culturally competent through the use of culturally responsive teaching. The project is a secondary art unit which includes culturally responsive teaching practices and resources for approximately 7-8 weeks of instruction. The contributions of this project are meant to cultivate a first step in implementing culturally responsive teaching and its benefits to students in art education.

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