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Computer Information Systems (M.S.)

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School of Computing and Information Systems

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Dr. John Reynolds

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Today’s world is experiencing constant and rapid change in all areas of life. Progress and technology are the catalysts for the change, and the result is a continuous turnover of knowledge. It is essential for educational institutions to keep pace with the changes in order to turn out students that meet local and national employment requirements. Educational institutions are in need of an assessment system to measure the ongoing effectiveness of disciplines, curricula, programs and courses. The assessment system will provide the tools to develop, implement, manage, maintain and evaluate the efficiencies of educational programs. The input will include past program requirements, national industry employment expectations, accreditation standards, model curriculum recommendations and student assessment/validation. The output will generate degree programs that keep up with change, validate the transfer of knowledge, meet accreditation standards, follow model curriculum guidelines and are consistent with current employment requirements. (109 kB)
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