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While working at a charter school where students first language is Arabic, there has been a concern that Arabic English Language Learners (ELLs) often struggle with reading comprehension and teachers strive to find ways to fit additional instruction in with their rigorous reading curriculum. Therefore, the topic of this project thesis is how to increase reading comprehension for Arabic English Language Learners. It will look at the causes of why some Arabic ELLs struggle with reading comprehension and will briefly explore the differences between the English and Arabic orthographies. An increase and focus on phonological processing skills (specifically phonological awareness) and vocabulary instruction will be highlighted as methods to help Arabic ELLs who struggle with reading become successful English readers. The participants will be Arabic ELLs from a charter school in Southeast Michigan. The results will be shared upon completion of the pre and post-tests before and after this project is completed. Some of the ways this project will suggest improving reading comprehension in Arabic ELLs is to use activities that promote phonological awareness skills such as creating CVC words, focusing on specific vocabulary instruction that is relevant to what the students are learning, and using computer-based programs to get the students actively engaged. At the conclusion of this project, it is hoped to see ways that teachers can bridge the achievement gap for the Arabic ELLs from Arabic to English.