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Education-Instruction and Curriculum: Elementary Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Kelly Margot

Second Advisor

Ellen Schiller

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The American public school classroom is rapidly changing, and as a result the needs in the classroom are changing. According to the NYU Steinhart school of culture, the average K-12 public school classroom is made up of about 20% English language learners. Researchers predict that percentage will climb to 25% by the year 2025, making EL students the fastest growing population in American public schools (Staff, 2021). The purpose of my research was to find ways that educators can better reach these students and decrease the opportunity gap between these students and their peers. Teachers across the country are struggling to engage EL students in content instruction and as a result these students are being left behind their peers. Studies show that through improved preparation and professional development for teachers, as well as an increase in interventions for students, we can see these students buy into lessons and participate in their learning, leading to higher achievement across the content areas.