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Computer Information Systems (M.S.)

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School of Computing and Information Systems

First Advisor

Robert Adams

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DevOps has become somewhat of a buzzword amongst software engineers in the industry. Often developers do not have a dedicated DevOps engineer let alone a DevOps team. Developers benefit when they know what happens between ‘works on my machine’ and production. Making sure those steps make sense and are safe benefits the operations team. From compliance to code review to regression testing, understanding the full SDLC, employing DevOps concepts, and minimizing overhead from dependencies is quickly becoming a pre-requisite for the modern software engineer. This project attempts to bridge the gap between buzzword and best practice by developing a college-level course on DevOps. The course covers time-tested DevOps concepts in a stack-agnostic, discussion-based approach. The course materials include a syllabus with detailed student objectives, weekly slides, and hands-on activities paired with discussions that give the learner the experience they need to confidently identify gaps in the SDLC and recommend solutions.