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Computer Information Systems (M.S.)

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School of Computing and Information Systems

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Robert Adams

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Travel Dashboard is a one stop solution for all the travel needs of travelers and tourists visiting a new place. In today’s world travel has become a part of everyone’s life and we love to travel whenever there is a holiday or long a weekend. Earlier, the travel industry was mostly dictated by tour operators who used to plan and organize tours with standard itinerary, while tourists had very limited choices and needed to pick one of the itineraries given by operator as there was no other option left for them. Time have changed now as travelers love to plan and organize their trips on their own instead of depending on agencies, so what’s the first thing a traveler should think before visiting a new place? It is research about the place, finding out best place to stay, eat, places of interest, news and looking at videos to get a good understanding about the destinations. To find all various types of information about the destination travelers search on the internet and look a at significant number of websites to gather the information. This project aims to reduce this requirement. Travel Dashboard is all about building a dashboard which displays a wide range of information about a destination which can currently only be obtained by searching different websites.