Date Approved


Graduate Degree Type


Degree Name

Computer Information Systems (M.S.)

Degree Program

School of Computing and Information Systems

First Advisor

Jagadeesh Nandigam

Academic Year



Through this project, I am producing a portal called "College Job Portal" that will make life easier for students, colleges, and the companies who hire the students by handling the hiring process. On-campus job placements are a crucial component in contemporary educational institutions. By entering information about their educational history, grades, technological abilities, and CV, students would register with the portal. Like students, companies would sign up with the site by supplying basic details like their address and contact information for human resources. The college would be the portal's administrator. Companies can advertise job openings using this site by including information like the position's title, the number of openings, the minimum grade requirements, the skills necessary, and the deadline for applications.

After receiving these details, the administrator can distribute the job advertisement to the students. The administrator will have access to information on the student, the company, and the job vacancy. Admin can send notifications to either Student job seekers, or students with jobs but lower income than the advertising provides, or all students who are registered in the portal. For the student to get the employment notice, they must be registered with the site. Students who get employment notifications can read job specifics, including position name, skills needed, minimum grade requirements, and the deadline for applications. Students who receive job listings through the site can submit applications. The information of students who submitted for a certain job ad, including the résumé, is then available to employers. After the interview, the firms may use this site to send the job offer letter, which contains the start date, the starting pay, the T&C, and other information, to the appropriate student along with the student status (selected/rejected). Additionally, companies can use this site to give students technical documents relating to the position, assisting them in getting ready for such positions.