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Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

First Advisor

Catherine L. Meyer-Looze

Second Advisor

Richard Vandermolen

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All schools want to have the best teachers in place and have them stay until they retire from a school district. They want teachers that are able to teach each and every child to help them reach their full potential without having to rehire and retrain new teachers who leave the district fairly quickly. It would be ideal if schools were able to retain the best teachers so these teachers can continue to grow and become more effective. These teachers would be able to teach to higher standards and better assist their students as time goes on. For schools to be successful, there are a variety of measures that need to be in place. Bastian and Marks (2022) suggest that one of these measures is obtaining and retaining high-quality teachers in the students’ classrooms. Thus, we need to keep experienced teachers in the classroom to ensure that all students succeed (Stewart et. al., 2021). In order to retain experienced teachers, we need to first develop them.

According to all three studies, Bastian, K. C. & Marks, J. T. (2017), Mitchell, D., Keese, J., Banerjee, M., Huston, D., & Kwok, A. (2021), and Skeen, N., Lewis, A. A., Vanburgen, C., & Hodges, T. E. (2020), having a great induction program in place reduces teacher attrition rates in schools. According to Bastian and Marks (2017), the more frequently novice teachers are able to meet and participate with their mentor coaches, the higher job satisfaction they have and also the more successful this teacher will be. As the teaching field collectively and positively changes the way people learn and teach, the students will ultimately be the ones who benefit the most.